3Brothers is a story of a broken family, The struggle of two boys and their mother to return to their home in Germany. In the meantime, their older brother and father who have remained in Germany try to cope with the situation, while fighting to put an end to their own status. Story of a family reunion and what enormous effort integration takes.


The three brothers, sons of Kosovo refugees, have always considered Germany as their home. Their brotherhood is suddenly disrupted, when half of the family is deported to a refugee camp in an unfamiliar country they are told is their home. Trapped on the other side of Europe and struggling to reunite, their story mirrors Europe’s recent history, revealing the legacy of war, caught in between the Balkan’s ethnic battles, that condemns them to a life never imagined before. It is a story of hope and belonging, and the attempt to reunite and go home, defying all odds and re-integrate .


Katalin Bársony CEO


Benedek Kabán Owner/Producer


Elemér Sánta Line Producer/CFO